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Churches don’t think twice about hiring an electrician to install wiring, or hiring a local plumber to fix a leaky toilet. Having power and working restrooms are necessities to being able to stay open, serve people, and do ministry well.

Does it matter that the electrician or plumber wasn’t a member of your church?

Sure you can go out of your way to use contractors that market themselves as Christians, but unless someone stepped forward from your congregation to help, you have to hire someone from outside your church to get the job done.

Why should it be any different when you need someone to design your new website, help you with your social media strategy, or even help write and publish your blog posts?

When it comes to expenses that more directly impact the ministry, more so than say the lights and plumbing, churches seem reluctant to hire outside help. But if it has a greater impact on your ministry, shouldn’t you be more concerned with getting it right?

Small to medium sized churches may not have the staff and volunteers that larger churches have, but that’s no reason to go without a new website, for example.

Here’s 5 reasons how a qualified christian contractor may be the best option for some of your next projects:

  1. Get the job done right by someone who has experience and an efficient plan.
  2. Free up the staff you do have, and your pastor, to focus on their particular skills and gifts.
  3. Save money on costly staffing, benefits, and recruiting expenses.
  4. Open yourself up to talent all over the country who can perform the work digitally.
  5. Only pay for what you use. Negotiate flat fees and use contractors on a project by project basis.

If churches were to be more open with the idea of using talent and resources outside of their immediate congregation they may see that they can go further, faster, for a fraction of the cost.