The website Cult of Mac posted a photo today of this note from Apple. Apparently every new employee at Apple gets this note on their first day. Who knows if its real. It certainly looks real, and it sounds like something they would say. It even resonates as something that Steve Jobs probably wrote himself.

It’s basically a very poetic way to say “Don’t complain when you have to work weekends, because we’re creating something pretty amazing here and it’s going to be worth it.”

I remember receiving something kind of similar on the first day of my current job. It said “You don’t deserve to be here. You deserve death. This isn’t a job, it’s a war.”

It’s the same mentality – work hard and work on something amazing. Except the note I received was a paraphrase of Paul the Apostle, not Steve the Apostle. In 1 Corinthians 15 Paul talks about how he used to persecute the church, and by the grace of God he was later given a job to lead churches and write half of the Bible. He didn’t deserve the job, and he was the least qualified of his peers, but it was a job that God called him to, so he worked harder than anyone else to do the best job that he could. 

We shouldn’t work hard so that Jesus will love us, or give us favor and riches. We are free to work hard because Jesus loves us. 

I may not be working on the next iPad. And I’m definitely not the most qualified for what I do, but through God I’m able to do some pretty amazing work. Sometimes that means I have to sacrifice a weekend. Sometimes I have to sacrifice a meal. But I didn’t come here to play it safe – Jesus didn’t give me this job so I could be safe or wade in the shallow water. No, in fact He threw me head first into the deep end. He appointed me as a soldier in a very real war, and he’s asked me to fight. And fight hard I will.

The grace of God makes you someone you’re not so you can do something you normally can’t. And by His grace I’ve seen people meet Jesus, and lives and hearts changed.

What has He appointed you to do? And are you doing it well? Here’s a hint: if you don’t know – do well with what you have now and see where He leads you.